Build-Inn is an online market place for construction services and materials where customers can directly interact with quality consultants and verified professionals which includes Architects, Lighting Designers, Contractors, Interior Designers, Furniture Designers, Structural Engineers, Landscape Artists on one hand and Plumber, Masonry, Electrical, Painting, HVAC, Carpentry, False ceiling, Fabrication on the other. These consultants are skilled and certified, their background checked and trained in soft skills.

The product aims to empower the customers to make informed choice for the consultants through profiles which are exclusive for each of them, complete with details, pictures of previous works, testimonials from previous employers and a user based review/rating system.

Build-Inn also allows customers who are laymen to source quality materials with respect to their construction needs at a price lesser than the usual. Additionally, the customers can request for quotations and approximate estimations for the kind of job they wish to be done. This estimation is furnished by a trained team of professionals and gives a ball park for the customers who are layman to the construction scenario.

Rohan Shenoy
Co-Founder & CEO
Rohan obsesses over understanding users, thoughtful designs and giving back to the society and the fraternity he belongs to. With over 3 years of experience in the field of Architecture, Rohan is a serial entrepreneur. He loves music, is a trained drummer, and loves building stuff.
Puja Arti
Co-Founder & COO
The love for law, and the zeal to organise the unorganised sector is what drives Puja. She brings her experience and love for building large, complex and scalable things on the table while handling the operations of the company. She reads, paints, sings and watches movies with the same ease.